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    Magnum Data Centers focuses on delivering business-critcal modular data center solutions that are designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency, and high-density computing to deliver capacity at a lower cost than traditional construction methods and significantly reduce the construction time from years to a matter of weeks.

  • MagnumOne®

    Enterprise-grade data center modules

    In a timely manner, data centers must scale their facility needs while keeping costs from exploding. Every day data center executives are challenged with massive costs to expand operations, 18-24 month lead time to ramp up new facilities, the complexities of managing large commercial construction projects, and environmental concerns.

  • The MagnumOne® is a turn-key data center that provides an affordable, fast, simple, and more environmentally beneficial way to deploy data center capacity


    A complete and stackable modular solution allows for scalable data center capacity anywhere and allows new capacity to be deployed without the need to incur the expense of traditional building modifications.


    No longer a construction project, our modules are manufactured off site and can be shipped just-in-time, anywhere in the world. Standardized units have a huge impact on serviceability and scaleability.


    Building and provisioning only what is needed inside a contained environment reduces energy dependency and operational expenses.  It is also an easier to manage hardware upgrades.


    A complete structure that adds an additional layer of physical security combined with entry systems and DCIM software to monitor every aspect of facilities performance.


    By substantially reducing the cost to build and operate combined with capital mitigation, we are able to build from 50%-90% less than traditional construction, passing those savings directly to you.


    By reducing and in some cases eliminating heat discharge and other contaminants into the atmosphere, reducing energy consumption, and reducing data center size, we are able to greatly reduce the carbon footprint.

  • [in a box]®

    Turn-key specialized solutions leveraging the power of the MagnumOne® packed with industry leading technologies

    In today's fast-paced IT environment CIOs and other enterprise technology managers face constant challenges in testing, adopting, and scaling new and exciting hardware and software offerings within their current data center facility.

  • Magnum's [in a box]® offering provides a rapid and controllable way to adopt new information technology

    Virtual Currency Mining 

    Leveraging the industries only proprietary liquid-cooled modular data center technology, Magnum is able to provide a turn key solution fully suitable for the industrial virtual currency mining operation. We are able to drive down facilities cost, curb operational expenses, reduce power consumption, leverage green energy incentives, and scale just-in-time passing those benefits directly to our customers.

    Enterprise Private Cloud

    By partnering with Magnum Rackspace is now able to provide its Rackspace Private Cloud solution to enterprises as plug-and-play product.  RPC is powered by OpenStack and delivers the agility and efficiency of a public cloud combined with the enhanced security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment. Rackspace Private Cloud gives you all the power of the cloud without the pain of running it, so you can focus on your core business.

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